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Do Men Like To Know You Miss Them?

Aman always wants to be reminded that he’s missed physically, mentally, and emotionally from the woman he loves, is attracted to,  or is only in a casually dating stage.

He wants to know the special woman in his life is thinking about him.

He also wants know you’re a part of his life so by telling him you miss him, you’re giving him real proof he can connect to and a guarantee that how you feel about him, is very real.

If you’re in a relationship or just casually dating each other, he still want to know you’re a part of his life in a romantic way.

Today’s post will cover this and more:

  • Why men like to be missed.
  • Why it’s such a big deal to get him to miss you.
  • If your ex wants to know he’s missed.
  • The best way to let him know you miss him.
  • How dating is done differently.
  • A few personal questions answered.

Why does a guy like to know he’s missed?

It’s a CLEAR sign of affection.

A direct confirmation that an intimate bond has been formed.

A reminder that your unwavering love to him is not decreasing at all.

It’s EVIDENCE or PROOF that no matter how far apart you find yourselves – you’re right there with him in your heart AND your mind too.

When you connect with a man emotionally and tell him you miss him, it brings him closer because you’re reminding him how you feel in a way some men only understand.

Otherwise it’s often not believed to be real or true.

Men are well-known for being protective of the woman they love the most.

This may sound odd but it’s true…

Guys are NOT as worried about you leaving or cheating on them as they are with other dudes hitting on you or trying to steal you when they’re not around.

When the right things are in place – they’ll trust YOU more than them. Hence the protection, jealousy, and eagerness to displace any man who may pose a sexual threat.

This means…

When he knows without a doubt that you miss him, which must come from your WORDS and ACTIONS, (both are equally important) he feels the safe and confident that you’re not going looking elsewhere for something better.

You’re sending him a clear reminder that no matter what happens, no matter who or what TRIES to come between you and him – HE is always on your mind.

It’s a clear reassurance of your faith in him and makes trusting the connection you have with each other much easier to believe.

What About Your Ex? Does your ex-boyfriend or ex-husband want to know or hear that you miss him?

Yes – they actually do in most circumstances!

You have both invested lots of time, emotions and effort into your relationship and just because it failed or didn’t work out, does not mean the connection is lost or the feelings are wiped out.

The feelings he had for you will stick around for a while and that’s a guarantee because hold on to these things are very long time.

I’m not saying that you should tell your ex you miss him unless you plan on getting back together and you’re not seeing other people however…

When your ex knows he’s missed – just like you – it has a way of confirming that the time you spent together (all the good and the bad moments) was not just a waste of time.

EVERYONE wants a REAL confirmation they haven’t just thrown away months or years of their life with someone who didn’t feel the same way, or who didn’t get something special from the failed relationship.

It doesn’t always mean there’s a chance of rekindling and starting over again – more needs to be in place and must happen first so keep that in mind.

Just more PROOF men DO like to know they are sincerely missed!

Now if you’re thinking…

How DO you tell a guy you miss him?

Men do (mostly) listen but actions speak louder than words if you’re to get your point across to him clearly.

You’ll want to communicate your feelings to him in a way he can understand…  so an ACTION must always be connected to it.

Here’s an example from my personal experience:

I was dating a woman who wasn’t very good at telling me how she felt which turned out to be great thing because she learned a technique which worked much better for both of us.

Rather than tell me she missed me while we were apart which are just words, she grabbed a stuffed animal we found together and had me douse it with a cologne I’ve always worn. The smell lasted for months.

This is an ACTION men always get because she was not just telling me, but actually SHOWING me that she needed to feel like I was always around her.

She was leaving a clear unmissable reminder of how much she missed me when we were apart.

I got it instantly.

Other men get it too!

Think about it.

She needed a way to feel close in a tangible and through her clever solution turned into an action all men can understand.

She never had to tell me she missed me because I always knew it.

Men need proof of your love and it’s through your ACTIONS over words that make that real. 

Sure you can send the occasional “Thinking of you…” or “Missing you…” text message, he’ll get it, but it’s just not as powerful and it can easily lose its effect if you do it too much.

It’s not really solidifying the connection you have with an action or experience he won’t ever forget.

SHOW him how you’re a part of his life no matter how much distance is between you and him.

Don’t just say “I miss you” – SHOW him and he’ll get it instantly that you DO miss him.

Dating and Relationships are done a little differently so be careful not to confuse them.

You might feel you can tell a guy whenever you want that you miss him when you’re already in a relationship and you’re right.

The dating part is a little more complicated so you must be careful.

Done wrong or done too much could have the opposite effect and push him away because it can easily make you look desperate, a little too eager, and make him feel like you’re way ahead of him.

It can also lead you to discover that you miss him more than he misses you, leading to an awkward tense situation of uneasiness.

To avoid those problems you’ll need: 

  • BALANCE – Just enough.
  • TIMING – Knowing when it’s right.
  • A CHALLENGE – Lure him in.

Any action you choose to take should leave a challenge for him to take up.

It should encourage or challenge him to miss you equally back because that WILL bring you closer together and it sets up a situation where he feels more free to share his feelings about missing you too.

Time To Have Your Personal Questions Answered.

This article was published some time ago and many of you had related questions you wanted answered, so I’ll get to a few.

If a guy doesn’t miss you when you’re apart, does that mean he doesn’t have feelings for you?

This answer sometimes depends on the time and distance between you and him. You might be miss him within a week whereas he might not feel it for a couple or vice-versa.

Taken the time, distance, and the nature of the relationship into account…

Understanding Men Made Simple: A man will only miss a woman as equal  to how strong his feelings are for her.

If he doesn’t ever tell you that he misses you, does that also mean he doesn’t have feelings for you?

Absolutely not.

Men are not generally good vocal communicators so relying on this won’t give you the real picture of how he feels about you.

However his ACTIONS will tell you everything you need to know, as long as you know how to read them and interpret them.

For example:

Imagine two different men and how they might react totally different after not being able to be together for a month or so.

This means no physical touch at all, just talking or messaging.

When you finally are able to get together the first man squeezes you tight, kisses you and starts to immediately make plans to spend as much time together BUT he never actually SAYS he misses you.

The other guy acts more aloof or indifferent and gives you a lame ass hug. He acts like he didn’t miss you at all but (sort of) gets into it after finally getting together again.

You might believe the second guy didn’t miss you as much therefore doesn’t have the same feelings as the first guy but that’s not necessarily true.

He could be worried that you didn’t miss him as much and is holding back.

He could be afraid that by admitting his deeper feelings to you and to himself, that he’ll miss you even more the next time you’re apart. Something lots of men tend to avoid especially if they’ve had a troubled past with women.

Misunderstandings like this happen all the time!

Notice how easy it was to think one thing, based on a simple reaction, and yet be totally wrong about why it happened.

This makes figuring out men a little tough. That’s for sure.

It’s unfortunately not all black and white.

Whether a man admits or acts like he misses you is or not, is not a guarantee one way or another of his feelings.

The problem gets more complicated when you go deeper.

Imagine two men who see the distance or time apart differently.

One man might miss you less because you can message each other everyday. He’s not relying so much on real physical interactions to secure a relationship or a dating phase.

He feels as long as you’re in touch with each other you shouldn’t miss each other at all or just a little.

Another guy might miss you despite lots of messages everyday because he relies more on the physical part to secure the connection. You’ll hear him say often how much he misses you and will assume you feel the same way.

The point is:

  • If he says it or not doesn’t guarantee he misses you or not.
  • A man can feel it for you yet never show or tell you that he’s missing you.

However… never forget the opening statement made today:

“A man always wants to be reminded that he’s missed physically, mentally, and emotionally from the woman he loves, is attracted to,  or is only in a casually dating stage.”

Next question…

Can you bring a man closer by making him miss you just enough? Can it be done without playing a hard-to-get game?

Yes, yes, and definitely YES!

Sure, an absence or too much time away from each other can tear a relationship apart, but it can also bring a man closer to wanting a relationship or a commitment with you.

Here’s a strange analogy but since I love pizza so much I’ll use it.

Give me pizza everyday and I’ll enjoy it but I won’t find the time or feelings to miss it. In fact I might take it for granted if I have it too much. I won’t fully realize how much I love it until it’s well outside of my reach.

Take it away and suddenly I WANT it even more. It becomes more special, rare, appreciated and makes me realize how much I actually DO love pizza.

The same things happen between a man and a woman.

We become complacent or accustomed to something and it tends to lose a little needed something.

Take the time spent together and close away and the same thing happens:

We begin to fully appreciate and cherish the other more along with missing the relationship.

We can then find ourselves taking full advantage of the precious few moments together.

Which in turn can make us realize just how much we are in love and how much we miss having our partner closer to us daily.

This wraps up today’s post…

Hope you found it helpful and covered everything you were searching for as it relates to men wanting to be missed by you, and also how to get him to miss you too.

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