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Monthly Archives: August 2022

13 Borderline Creepy Things Every Girl Does When She Has A Crush

Here are 10 things we all do when we’re crushing on someone, even if they are a little bit…strange. Have you ever realized that you know basically everything about your crush even though you’ve barely spoke two words to each other, like ever? Or how you literally can’t. stop. staring at your crush whenever they’re around? Having a crush can …

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If He Does These 8 Things, Congrats! You Found A Real Man

In a world full of f*ckboys, men scared of commitment, and let’s be honest here… serious douche canoes, it’s hard to know who’s just playing a game and who is actually here to bat. It can get hard finding that diamond in the rough in a world full of dating apps. Plus, who are we kidding — it’s a constant fight to …

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17 Brutal Signs He Is Not The One For You

How to tell if he is not the one for you? How do you know he is not the one for you? What are the signs he’s not good for you? Do you have that gut feeling he is not the one? One of the first indications he isn’t the one for you is that you question it, and you …

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