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Dating Disaster – I Left In The Middle Of Dinner

This story was submitted anonymously. 

Get ready, because I’m about to share a story that’s so awkward, it might just make you cringe in your seat. But before I dive into the details, it’s important to note that the names in this tale have been changed to protect our not-so-innocent. So, for the purpose of this story, let’s just go along with it. My name is Claire, and the other main character in this quirky narrative is Dylan. Now, where we first crossed paths was far from a typical romantic setting – imagine the fluorescent-lit aisles of a supermarket. Yes, you heard that right. Amidst the bustling shoppers, our eyes locked over something as mundane as a bunch of avocados. Sounds incredibly cheesy, doesn’t it? Well, it gets better – and then worse…. 

The First Encounter

So, there he was in the supermarket, fussing over avocados like he was choosing a diamond ring. It was kind of cute, obviously because I was watching him intensely, but he looked so serious, flipping each one over, looking for the perfect pick. I couldn’t help but smile.

So, I made a joke about his intense avocado inspection and gave him some advice that he had to get a hard one – but not too hard – so it’d be perfect in a few days. He shot me this shy, yet confident smile that totally caught me off guard. My tips also came off as a little dirty so we jumped right into flirting. 

It was surprisingly easy to talk to him, like we were old friends catching up. We joked around, shared a few laughs, and somehow, during all the shy smiles and flirts, we swapped numbers. It all happened so fast – one minute I’m shopping, and the next, we’re setting up a date. It was a little weird, sure, but in a really sweet, unexpected way.

The First Date 

Our first date was to take place at Boston Pizza. Dylan picked me up in his clean, slightly old car, and although his choice of Boston Pizza wouldn’t have been my first choice, I’m not one to complain. Plus, he was sweet. He opened the car door for me – a gentleman’s move – and his playlist was a mix of classics and indie tracks that set a fun, relaxed vibe. I felt comfortable. 

During dinner, the ambiance was casual. We were flirting and getting to know each other. It’s clear that we had some sparks but nothing over the top either. The entire time I was debating if we’d kiss at the end of the night or if this would end friendlier. 

He made a lot of jokes, which I liked. He had this way of making me laugh with his witty comments about the pizza toppings and his failed attempts at cooking. Our conversation was a delightful blend of banter and deeper chats about our dreams and pastimes. He was attentive, constantly asking me if I wanted anything else to eat or drink. 

The pizza was delicious, and to be honest, Dylan’s charm was undeniable, and I found myself genuinely enjoying his company. There was a certain easiness in our interaction, the kind that makes you think, “Hey, this might actually go somewhere.” I mean, until of course, he got very weird and ruined it. 

The Disaster

As we were savoring our desserts, a cheesecake for him and a chocolate brownie for me, Dylan did something unexpected. And not in a good way. He tried to slide his foot under my skirt, a bold and frankly inappropriate move. “He what?” You’re probably asking yourself… so, let me clarify…he had taken off his shoe and stretched his foot out toward me – underneath the table – and tried to give my flower a little rub. I was wearing a long shirt so it’s not like his foot went underneath but still – he tried to stick it there. 

I was astonished. My immediate reaction was to kick his foot away, which I did, a bit too forcefully perhaps. But I was in shock. How do you even react to something like that? The weirdest thing was he didn’t react, he just kept talking. 

It wasn’t that I was entirely against the idea of getting intimate on a first date, but there’s a time and a place, right? Plus, he hadn’t even kissed me yet!

Unfortunately, I didn’t address it directly; I was too flustered to form the right words. Instead, I sat there, my mind racing while he spoke about his brother or something. I was just trying to figure out an exit plan.

The Unoriginal Escape Plan

In a moment of panic, I did the first thing that came to mind: I faked an emergency phone call. I pulled out my phone, pretended to talk on it and said no worries I’d be right there. But as fate would have it, right at that moment, my phone actually rang. Kid you not – just like in the movies. It was obvious that I had been faking the call, and I could feel my face burning with embarrassment so at that point, I didn’t bother explaining. I just stood up, grabbed my purse, and was about to walk away when I felt embarrassed for not sticking up for myself or telling him off for his sleaziness. So I leaned over the table and said “I’m not into feet – byeeeee.”

Of course, afterward I called all my girlfriends and laughed endlessly about it but I do find myself still playing it back in my mind and picturing all the ways I could have burned him or put him in his place.  

What a creep, are there any good men out there? How would you have handled it differently? If you’re a guy – what should I have done?

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