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Monthly Archives: March 2022

How to Overcome Shyness with Men

Shyness can be a significant barrier when it comes to connecting with others, especially if you’re over 40. If you find yourself struggling how to overcome shyness with men, you’re not alone. In this guide, we’ll explore the root causes of shyness and provide 6 practical tips to help you break free from your fears and confidently engage with the …

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21 Questions to Ask a Guy When Dating

Dating is like an intricate dance. You learn about him, and he learns about you. There are hundreds of important questions to ask a guy when dating, but keep in mind that you can’t ask them all at once. It’s helpful if you can find the right combination of fun and serious questions, especially during the first few dates; the …

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9 Effective Tips On How To Win A Man’s Heart

In today’s society, it is difficult to find a man who has not been in a relationship before. In fact, statistically speaking, most adult males have had at least a couple of serious girlfriends or a wife by the time they reach 35 years old. This doesn’t mean that finding your perfect match will be impossible; but instead of going …

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Dating In Your 30s As A Woman: The Good, The Bad And The Beautiful

Dating is such an interesting experience throughout one’s life. Dating in your teenage years is an entirely different ballgame than dating as an adult. And dating in your 20s is different to dating in your 30s, which is different from dating in your 50s! But right now, we’re going to focus on dating in your 30s as a woman. There’s a …

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Why Boyfriends Can’t Cope When Their Girlfriends Are Assaulted

Telling your boyfriend about being assaulted could be the most stressful thing you experience in your relationship with him. How will your boyfriend cope with the shock, anger and pain of his girlfriend being raped? Your boyfriend’s reaction may surprise you. These tips for coping with a boyfriend who can’t deal with his girlfriend’s rape are inspired by a reader …

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6 Ways to Attract Affluent Men

Are you a successful woman who’s tired of meeting men who struggle to make ends meet? Do you desire to attract a high-value man of affluence, someone who understands your ambition and matches your drive for success? If so, we must step up our game and start appealing to high-value men with a strategy. Get Comfortable in Affluent Circles: Elevate …

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