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Wednesday , 21 February 2024

8 Types of Guys you Should Avoid Dating

When you find yourself in a relationship or a potential relationship with a guy, you’ll want to look for any of these red flags.

Don’t date these types of guys and save yourself time and effort from future disappointment… Because #standards and #respectyourself.

1. The Magician

The guy that shows up but doesn’t show interest

This is a guy who is shrouded in mystery. You don’t know if he likes you or not, so you keep coming back to find out. He knows how to chat well, but as people say, actions speak louder than words. He is saying all the right things, but something is missing: None of the things he does proves that he is even the least bit interested in you as a person. If it feels like you’re caught up googley-eyed in an island of false dreams, and it’s probably time to jet-set yourself out of there. Time to ditch this one for someone worth your time.

2. The Player

The guy who just wants to keep is options open

So he told you that you’re the one for him… then you notice him talking to other girls, and he tiptoes around you unpredictably. Someone who is truly interested in you alone will give you his undivided attention, will actually let you know when he is available to see you, and will not flake especially on the first few dates unless it’s seriously an emergency. Guys who are forever #player types will most likely never change until they realize it’s too late to settle down. If this kind of guy is in your life, dust him off because he will continue to take advantage of you if he can.

3. The Kid Prince

The guy who only gives you attention when you are with him

He will be super charming in front of you but once you leave each other’s presence then he forgets you even exist! They will ghost your texts and your phone calls and will wait to talk to you whenever they want which could be weeks. If they no longer answer you then you might as well give up – If they come back randomly, it’s not worth it.

4. The Firebrand

The guy that makes you have to apologize on his behalf

When you talk to your friends or parents about your date or boyfriend, and the majority of what you’re telling them is apologizing for his behavior, then you know there is something wrong and you may need to reconsider continuing to date this person. There is a chance you can talk it out with him if he wasn’t aware that his behavior was rude, offensive, or due to ignorance, but if he makes no attempt to change after bringing it up, you’re probably better off without him. Good guys compromise when it matters most.

5. The Closet Liar

The guy who clutters your relationship with white lies

This guy doesn’t tell any big lies, but instead he throws in a bunch of small little lies all the time. Relationships are built on strong foundations of honesty and trust, so if he’s always lying, how can you be able to trust him with anything at all? Once you see the pattern start to form, it’s time to say goodbye.

6. The Control Freak

The guy who is over-protective or over-obsessive

If you find that the guy you’re dating doesn’t let you do anything with your life if it doesn’t involve him, then this guy is likely a control freak. He can cause you stress and anxiety and make you dread seeing him because you feel under constant surveillance or mentally or even physically imprisoned. Once this starts to happen, it’s best to cut loose before he causes you even more damage.

7. The Sugar Giver

The guy who gives you way too many gifts

This guy is overbearing. To be honest, gifts are nice most of the time, but getting too many can be overwhelming, annoying, and a turn off especially if they were not thoughtful, meaningful, or practical depending on the occasion. There also might be some other things that he may be hiding with these gifts because he doesn’t know how to communicate otherwise

8. The Still-Not-Over-My-Ex

The guy who compares you to his Ex(es)

If he is constantly comparing you to his last ex or exes, that means he is stuck in the past and still not over her or them. At this point, if it becomes a common theme of him comparing you, then you might as well cut your losses and move on. This guy needs to get over his own issues first, and you shouldn’t have to deal with it.

If you catch someone you’re dating with any of these attributes, you can either cut him off cold turkey or have a conversation about it respectfully to see if they will change or compromise. Now you know whether or not it’s time to move on to the next relationship!

If you’re a guy yourself reading this and you catch yourself falling into any of these categories too much, you may want to a take a moment to reflect on your behavior!

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