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Wednesday , 21 February 2024

10 Most Embarrassing Things Girls Have Done When Crushing Hard

Crushes have a funny way of making you act in all sorts of epic, intense, strange, hilarious, amazing ways. Here, 11 girls reveal the craziest things they’ve done when crushing hard, from sending themselves Valentine’s Day gifts to lying about a kiss to choosing a college based on a crush on a tour guide.

1. “For the senior class fundraiser, they were selling carnations around Valentine’s Day, and it got into my head that I should send one to the guy I liked. Because we were friends and had class together, he knew my handwriting, so I paid this junior girl on my bus five dollars to write out the card from a ‘secret admirer.’ I did this every year we were in high school! Our friend told him what I was doing, so he definitely knew. Awkward!” — Cassie, Gorham, Maine

2. I joined the Bible study club because my crush was in it — and I was openly an atheist. But nonetheless, I woke up early every Tuesday morning to eat bagels and talk about god, and act like I was “curious” about “philosophy of religion,” when it was actually just an extra hour I got to spend trying to make eye contact with him.” — Clara, Washington, D.C.

3. “Freshman year of college, the guy I had a crush on lived across the hall from our dorm’s trash room. I used to take out the trash when it was only somewhat full if I thought he might be in the hallway coming back from class. If I had mistimed it, I’d make a separate trip for the recycling. I thought I was getting away with it, but at the end of the year my roommate told me, ‘I can always tell when things are going well with John because you never let the trash pile up.'” — Megan, San Diego

4. “When I was 18, I photoshopped together pictures of me at my cousin’s wedding and my crush at a dance so I could see what we’d look like at prom. I hid it in a folder on my computer called ‘College Applications’ so no one would ever see.” — Devin, New York City

5. I decided to apply early decision to the college I ended up attending because the campus tour guide was a super handsome pre-med student who had mastered walking backwards and being charming while talking to parents. Making a major lifelong decision for a crush is definitely the craziest thing I’ve done. I saw him on campus the next few years but never had the guts to actually talk to him.” — Dana, New York City

6. “I had a crush on this boy my junior year of high school. Eventually, I decided to bite the bullet and Facebook message him how I felt and that I would like to hang out sometime. He responded that he was away on vacation and he’d hit me up when he got back. He never got back to me and I was absolutely mortified for the rest of high school. Five years after we graduated, we started dating, and have been inseparable ever since! When we first started dating, I brought up what happened in high school, and he apologized. He said he wasn’t ready for a relationship back then, and if he had responded at the time, we would never be where we are today.” — Jill, Boston

7. “So, you know how in Mean Girls they send those candy cane grams to one another? We did the same thing at my school, but with Valentine grams. During my freshman year, I was obsessed with my guy friend. I sent myself 20 Valentine grams from various secret admirers and requested they be delivered during the class we had together to make him jealous. It seemed to work, but looking back on it, it was pretty obnoxious. To make it worse, he actually sent me one, so I did all that work for nothing. We never dated, but after our high school graduation we were at a party and I ended up telling him the truth and we laughed about it. ” — Samantha, Memphis

8. “During my junior and senior years of high school, I had a crush on this popular boy in school. One day at volleyball practice, I lied about kissing this boy that I really, really liked, probablyto fit in with my teammates who I thought were cooler than me. To this day, I still don’t know why, but it just slipped out. I immediately felt awful about it. Other people found out, including my crush, and it was EXTREMELY embarrassing. I apologized after class one day, but I don’t think he ever forgave me, and he ended up making fun of me later. For my senior yearbook superlative, I posed with him, and we were ‘most awkward’ immortalized for all eternity.” — Julia, New York City

9. “I was driving home from school, and I noticed that my crush’s car was in front of mine at a red light. For some reason, I decided it was a good idea to call him on the phone and tell him I was in the car behind him (“Zoe?” “Will, hi, I’m behind your car!” “Oh, hi”) and then ask if he wanted to have coffee with me right that second… like it was such a weird coincidence that our cars were both on the road right outside our high school. (It wasn’t.) He said yes, but I think more because he was startled than because he wanted to. We didn’t stay at the coffee shop for long.” — Zoe, Tampa

10. “My school used to have field trips to a local ice skating rink called Skateland. Every once in a while they have a ‘pair skate’ and encourage everyone to grab a partner and skate together. They always play a slow song and turn down the lights a bit so it may as well have been called a ‘couples skate.’ So basically, the boy I had been crushing on for YEARS (he lived on my street, sat next to me in class, was super cute) skated up to me and asked me to skate with him. In my head, I totally freaked out because all I wanted to do was shout, ‘YES, AND I’LL BE YOUR GIRLFRIEND TOO.’ But what I actually did was laugh in his face and skate away from him. Clearly, things did NOT work out.” — Noelle, New York City.

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